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One person is just a raindrop in the ocean

An ocean filled with plastic and gasoline

It’s difficult to see

with money in your ears

and a hand on each

eye to eye

feet planted on a rumbling coastline

Hear the screams of the piping plover

plucked from the edge of the eroding beach

We struggle to remember the names

of the trees as they die


We are on the borderline

flipping the only two-sided die

of an un-choice, a voice

of cynicism or apathy

Watch the road with a flooding fork and a

sign asking travellers to wither alone

or doom their children

to live in a house rotting from the inside

Is it human nature

to forget your neighbours name

as their flesh blisters and burns


I’ve tiptoed the sting of cynicism

and tasted the line of apathy

but walked home on an empty stomach

There’s only so much space in this bedroom

but at least as the water pools to the skirting

of my inflatable bed

if I clear my head

I’ll remember your name and call it out

as I toss you a rope

I’ll give you the choice

Pull me closer

or I can hoist you over

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